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Icon34 Classic Rock November - HTP 2

Here’s the review of HTP 2 from the new edition of Classic Rock magazine:

Glenn Hughes tends to divide opinion. There’s a cult that reveres him as its tragic figurehead, misunderstood, misrepresented, a giant talent undervalued by a plebeian listenership; another smaller, smaller micro-society wishes him ill for daring to put the funk into Deep Purple –when such things mattered. The thundering majority, however, couldn’t give a toss either way. For them, his work with JLT will appear anachronistic.
This album – in common with their first – is wilfully shaped for the cultist of either hue, its riffs rudely retro, its whoops and howls resolutely old-school. It’s Hughes’s second partnership (he cut albums of a similar bent with Pat Thrall), and Turner, another Purple old lag, albeit of lesser vintage, complements him well. Indeed, he is crafty enough to underplay his hand; against Hughes tendency to over-act, his straight guy comes off extremely well. Perhaps because of his erratic career – Hughes has fewer miles on the clock than his contempories – his voice remains overwhelming. But there is nothing to change anybody’s mind.

*** out of *****

I haven’t got HTP 2 yet so cant give my own review of it. Just like the SITKOR “review? there is no mention of who else is on the album, the songs, or anything else, just the usual rant about Glenn – although they didn’t mention drugs for a change. As for the 3 star verdict, you could have predicted that yourself.

See my other post for their reviews of Trapeze cds UR the Music …. (*****) & Boatclub Live (***)

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