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Lest we forget...

I did see Lizzy at the same venue in Indy back in 2000. A great night of killer tunes and blazing playing. Marco and Tommy were the rhythm section that night. I was standing close enough to John Sykes to practically touch him...and way too close to his Marshall half stack which reamed my ears!

It is a great tribute to Phil Lynott; John and Scott have both been asked about putting new material out under the Lizzy banner..and the reply from both guitarists is the same. they have material but don't "want to go there"...And, as those of you who have seen them can testify, John Sykes will exhort the audience many times during the show to "Give it up for Mister Phil Lynott!" The guys are happy to keep the songs and the legacy alive.

Also very cool to see a few other songs in the set...I thought it was funny that "Southbound" was recorded during the sound check with overdubbed was whispered loudly for years that several tracks on UFO's "Strangers In The Night" weren't cut live...Paul Chapman wouldn't name names but evidence pointed to "Mother Mary" and "This Kid's"....the 2008 remaster sets the record straight; they were cut live at the Record Plant with Chicago applause mixed in.

James Brown wasn't the only one to pull that stunt!! Does it diminish my apprecation of the albums? Not at all.

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