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Thanks for the feedback, pleased you find it useful. The sub-menu's would be here in the Fan Forum too, but the code clashed with some other things that are running, which are more important, so they're everywhere but here!

As for editing your thread titles - you are able to do it, but you only have 1 day (24 hours) to do so, from the time you create your initial post, after that, only an Admin like myself can change it for you! See the screenshots below to see how to do it! We're going to change "reunite" to "reunited" this example.

Find your post in the forum display and then double-click on the cell it resides in...

Now you will see that you can edit the title...

Type the changes you want to make and click anywhere else for them to take effect...

Now you can see your edit has been saved and the post title is changed in the forum display...

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