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Icon33 Joe Lynn Turner Concert Sun 6 November

Wow!!!! What a fantastic party , hanging out with Todd at the JLT show at the Coach House Sunday night was! Great music, fun and JLT was in perfect vocal form. His backup band, The California Rockers/Wishbox was the same band from the Glenn Hughes and Alex Ligertwood shows awhile back. These guys were incredible, nailing all the song tempos perfectly, the guitar players played the solos with the right feeling and tone, the rythym section was in the pocket and hooked up and the keyboard player had great sounds and chops. The show mostly featured songs from Rainbow and Deep Purple with a three songs off the excellent new Usual Suspects solo album plus Smoke and Highway Star. Which as much as I didn't want to hear those they were great too. JLT's in between song segments were funny as all one point JLT started sounding like a gospel preacher and I shouted at "That's right Rev Joe!" and he went with that for awhile. The highlight for me was having him hand me the microphone and I got to scream my way through a chorus of Smoke on the Water like I was Rob Halford. Although later on I regretted screaming and I should have just sung. Still his reaction was priceless. It's really sad to note though, there were less than 400 people there (or maybe even less than that). The meet and greet afterwards and hearing JLT tell some more stories was also totally cool and also I razzed him about kicking down the Hilton door in Bradford. Just a fantastic night and the most fun I've had at a show in awhile. There's word of more shows in Vegas and Phoenix early in 2006. Come on Glenn, why don't you guys do a package tour...HTP is dead but why not co headline?

Pics later



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