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Hey Mark:

So glad you're back in touch! Give us a call and get your butt over here soon! Lots to catch up on.

We had our meeting today with the record company fellow. Very nice guy, concise, smart, interested and cool. He said he'll speak with his lawyers and get back to us before the end of next week. He said he's looking for a market for us, wants to do a publishing and distribution deal etc. We'll see what happens.

Could you please tell everyone you know and ask them to tell everyone they know- about us!! We need record sales more than anything right now.

We have a buzz going around about us but need to sell! If anyone is interested in a cd, please let me know. It's expensive through our web-site -I'm not happy about this but it's a long story and I had no say in it. I can sell the cd's myself at half the price!! Just let me know!!!!!

Okay, once again- GET YOUR A** OVER HERE already!
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