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Exclamation URGENT-Need Your Help!!!

Hi all:

Dream Aria is going to a meeting this week with a record company. If you have time to do one good deed for the sake of my sanity and in the name of music, could you please do us a small favour. It's the easiest thing you'll do this entire year, I guarantee you. Please could you go to the site- and sign the guestbook and/ or go on the MSG board. Even if you say one word, it will help with this week's record company meeting. Also, if you know ANYBODY that has a few minutes to spare, their help would be much appreciated as well. We have alot of fans, but very few people have said "hello" on the site. We need to sell ourselves. Your help would make a huge difference for us. Maybe a record deal???? You know what this means to a musician!!

I think you all know by now how much I appreciate your support. It's already made a huge impact. Just this little bit more could make the biggest one (impact) yet.

I'm sure you all also know that if there's anything I can do in return to help you achieve your dreams, I will.

Thanks and hope you're all well.
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