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During the first couple of listenings to the album, I felt a bit lost, I have to admit. I took me some time to get into the album, but I was only 18 at that time, maybe I didnt have the sense for that music at that time. Maybe it was because I expected something totally different, more in the Purple vein. Later then, until now, I learned to love the album as one of the greatest pure soul/funk albums that I know.Wolfy is right, "I found a woman" is such a lovely ballad, its a pity that noone is playing this song anymore. I also love the "heavy funk tunes" of that album very much like "Solution" ect. This is great music. I wish (which will be impossible to do, actually) Glenn would do a strict FUNK and SOUL concert or minitour which would feature all these AMAZING tracks he did record over the years, starting with songs from "PMO" and some of "Feel", "The Way it is" ect. Im sure the GH fans which are more part of the "FUNK/SOUL" edge would highly appreciate that kind of thing! Even someone loves the "classic rock" side of Glenn more than the funk side, but THAT is exactly what makes the music of Glenn for us so diverse and never boring!

Merry Christmas everyone,
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