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Thank you, everybody, for wishing me a Happy Birthday today.

Chris....Looks like I will have to share composing honors with you, for Glenn's next album.
Shirl....Thanks for your kind wishes, you lovely instigator, you.
Todd....Glad that you are OK, after the recent "heavy" Las Vegas rain.
Chip....You will never know if I got a new axe for my birthday, until it's too late...heh, heh.
David....Thanks for your Deep Purple "Wallpaper Wishes."
Shirean....Thanks for always having warm wishes for all of us GHCP's on our birthdays.
JG....Just remember your #1 fan, when you become "The King of Accordians."
Roberto....Grazie from (as my grandmother used to call me) Graziella.
Mark.... And where's the picture of me on your refrigerator "Wall of Fame?"
Tero....Yep, you will be in charge of the non-English lyric translations for Glenn's next album.

Thanks everybody, wishing you all the best, too.
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