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Aaah...I was thinking something in that direction when I saw that handwritten "Pop 4/76" on the first pic. Your archive must be really huge if you collected everything from the 70s until today

My collegues just have to stand my enthusiasm for BCC and GH now - every day
I share the office with two guys and fortunately they both love music as well. The younger one with a different taste and the other one with a faible for all kind of traditional rock. He likes BCC and he likes GH but he's not crazy about it and he's more just into rock music, not into Funk & Soul as well like me. He loved to read your article of DP! And I made them both vote for Glenn coming to Berlin on his next tour and I'll spread the word to all the other collegues as well. They all know about my spontaneous trip to London and they think I'm a bit crazy but I've also heard of some that they like me living my dreams instead of wishing and not doing it.'s in the middle of the night again. I'll have some sweet dreams next door now...
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