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Icon27 Start a Music Night!

This is a topic I’ve been meaning to post for months!

Over a year ago a mate of mine phoned me up and asked if I would be interested in going to a “Music Night” at his house. “It sounds a bit nerdy” he said, “but it’s a great night out”. And indeed it was and so have all the other ones since.

Basically every couple of months 5 or 6 of us meet up at his house with 5 or 6 tracks each we want the others to hear (we aim for a max of 30 songs so number of songs each depends on who’s there). We bring our own beers and all pitch in with some snacks

There are only 2 rules:

1) No “Classics” e.g for DP you can’t play SOTW but you could have something like Same In LA (which I played last time out).

2) There is always one themed song in your selection i.e. the host says a song has to include a certain thing. The last few themes have included - the colour Green in the title, must be a female singer, song released in 1973, a family relative etc.

No-one knows what others have brought and we put our cds in blank cases with just a PostIt Note on the outside to say the track name and number.
Then the host mixes them all up and we play them one by one (loudly of course) with occasional breaks for more beers from the fridge smokes outside, visits to the loo and the chance for my mate Neil to tell more terrible jokes

After/during each song we write a few notes of what we liked or didn’t like etc and give it a mark out of 20 – but keep it all to ourselves. But we do say stuff like " i liked that", "great solo", "sounded like ...", " terrible singer" etc

Then after the final song we go through our thoughts on each song and give our scores

There are no prizes for the highest overall score or individual song – just the satisfaction of knowing people liked your tracks.

The group of us are all rock fans but all with slightly different tastes so we get a really good selection. Some of the songs have really blown me away and others have been a shock when I have found out the band. There have also been plenty I have hated!

Although a GHCP I have actually not played much as I haven’t wanted people to think they’ll get a GH song each time. In fact I’ve only played Valiant Denial ( which went down an absolute storm! ), HTP – Losing My Head, DP – High Ball Shooter instrumental and Same In LA as previously mentioned. However, others have brought in GH on John Norum’s album, 7th Star and BCC and all been enjoyed

You’ll be pleased to know my highest scoring song so far is Wild Dogs from Tommy Bolin’s Whips and Roses cd. 2 of the others bought the cd as a result of hearing it!

After each event I’ve thought “if only Chip lived locally” What a night that would be with your vast music collection St Louis isn’t any closer than Phoenix though so not much chance of that!

My next event is tomorrow night and it’s this that has spurred me on to finally post about these great nights to hopefully encourage someone on here to start the same thing up with their friends.

I’ve tended to have a mix of old, new, bonus tracks from reissues and stuff I think is an undiscovered classic. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is just to choose 5 songs. I spend a whole week trying to decide and often change my mind the night before This time I’ve got 5 albums lined up and just deciding the songs.

I’ll let you know how it goes if you’re interested.

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