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The only official ones as far as I know are Deep Purple ones like "California Jam" and "Deep Purple Rises Over Japan". There's nothing solo aside from the "Days of Avalon" video from Pink Cloud which is currently out of stock.

Glenn also appears in the "No Stranger To Love" video on Black Sabbath's Vol 2 video, which covers all the non Ozzy stuff, but it's a bit of a blink and you'll miss him affair as he is not interviewed like some of the other musicians on there.

He was interviewed on Deep Purple People - Rock Family Trees which the BBC aired some time ago and there's some Purple footage on there from California Jam.

Unoffically, theres a show from 1993-ish in Sweden, which I think matches the "Burn In Europe" bootleg. I don't know of any other bootleg ones....anybody else care to add to the list?


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