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Originally Posted by seventhwarlord View Post
As a fan who has seen Glenn and paid for tickets, bought his records, etc., I find it completely absurd that I have to post 10 comments in order to open a link. This is absolutely crazy. I have not idea why you are pulling this.

I can go to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, see everything that Glenn posts, but you guys block me on this. I guess this is post #1. I won't get to Posts 2 through 10 until I cool down. I wish I just bought the Classic Rock May issue in the first place instead of relying on the forums for my music news.

It's not only in here, and It's not only "those guys". Every fan forum works like David said. I used to run a GN'R forum, and a few years ago, the requirement for the downloads section was 50 messages!!

It's pretty easy: do you want something? Earn it.

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