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Icon20 CHAT Live with GLENN

GLENN has graciously agreed to join us once again for a LIVE CHAT on Sunday, January 30th between 12:00 NOON - 2:00PM PST (3:00-5:00pm EST / 8:00-10:00pm GMT / 9:00-11:00pm CET).

I'm sure you'll have plenty to ask him about what with his just released new album, Soul Mover, or perhaps the Iommi/Hughes collaboration or even the upcoming European tour....and the list goes on

We can only accomodate 25 people at any one time...if you connect and see there's less than that online, feel free to hang out, but if we're near the limit, we request you say Hi!, ask your question(s) and then bid farewell, so the next person has a chance. You can also email us your questions ahead of time to and we'll pass them on to have those answered for you.

A transcript will be made available for later viewing should you be unable to make it.

Many thanks to both GLENN & GABI for agreeing to what will be another very enjoyable couple of hours.

On the day, simply click the CHAT link from any page on the site, then once you launch the CHAT window, select the CHAT with GLENN room!

Talk to 'ya on SUNDAY

Our regular monthly CHAT session that was scheduled for this Wednesday is cancelled, the next one will be on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005 at the usual time!
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