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Icon33 Orlando Report! March 2003

Hi all - thought I'd give you a running report from each day here in Orlando, Florida!

Having said that, not much to report tonight - arrived late this evening after a bumpy flight from San Francisco via Los Angeles! Heavy rain storms over Texas, so they said!

First things first - at check-in, was told no paper tickets are being issued for the gig on Thursday...for anyone who made a booking via the reservations, you'll be advised to check back at 5:30-ish on Thursday afternoon, to confirm your show reservation - basically, they'll check you on "the list" and after that, you'll be all set to go!

The gig itself will be in the Lobby, so it's going to blow the doors off, judging by the size of the place

If any of you are here already or are going to be around tomorrow (Wednesday), be sure and look out for me...I'll be the scruffy one, walking around with my white CTC T-Shirt Dont' be shy, come up and say "Hello"!!

For all the Brits reading this....don't think I've come across a Yank yet...everyone I've spoken to, so far, is from the UK!! Unfortunately, The Velvet Bar, had a very poor choice in music tonight....really bad British 80's new wave and disco...Human League, Soft Cell and the like!! I'll be sure and have a word with the Hotel Manager tomorrow

Anyway, that's it for now....will continue this post tomorrow night - hopefully will have bumped into some GHCP by then

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