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...coupla' reviews from the London show

My Global Mind

A flawless exercise is musicianship, note perfect licks, breaks, mini-solos, fills and of course the vocals.

Raw Ramp

This London show was a lavish and generous celebration of life, music and friendship. With incredibly passionate and profound guitar work by Bonamassa, magnesium strips of pure percussive energy from Bonham, dynamic pressure-plates of lucid sound from Sherinian and of course all led by the genius of rock ‘n’ roll himself — Glenn Hughes.

Just Listen To This

It’s a cold, wet evening in the metropolis, but what a cool way to start the New Year! The reassembled international rock quartet take to the stage in London to present a lot of the new BCC4 album plus other selections. As the satisfied audience members make their way out of the venue, many superlatives are muttered. We are very glad to have been at this show.

Those who saw Glenn's solo dates last year, on the back of solo album 'Resonate', know just what top form he is in, musically and vocally, and that continues here. But this is a band performance, not a solo act, and Black Country Communion looked and acted like a band, stressed how much they all were friends and indeed there was no sign of protesting too much. Throughout the gig there was honesty and authenticity, so much so that Joe, when explaining why the band wasn't active for the past six years, simply saying "because I woke up one day and decided to be an asshole".
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