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Originally Posted by David View Post
The album will be on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc - but minus the 'bonus' track.

It's unfortunate that the bonus track is not available on CD (or deluxe CD, if there is one). Particularly because I'm hearing it's a really strong number. This is yet another example of a record company get greedy and forcing the consumer to buy both CD and a vinyl/download to get the complete record. If digital is the way of the future, they could have at least made it available in CD quality (flac or what not); but no, it's the same old MP3 sub-par quality crap. No wonder CD sales are down -- people just get it for free through torrent sites -- lossless, bonus tracks and all... The record companies really don't make it easy to do the right thing here...

On a happier note, I hear the album is marvelous! Get it and enjoy it boys and girls!
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