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I kind of agree; California Breed hit me like a ton of bricks when I first heard it. I was literally stunned by how overwhelmingly dense it seemed.

I have always loved the power and range of Glenn's voice but, with everything turned up to 11, and the near 100% "turbo vocal" approach he took to most of these songs, it was all almost more than I could absorb at first listen, and I've been a fan of Glenn's for almost three decades now!

Having listened to it several times, I've gotten used to the album's sound, and it's awesome that he still has the pipes, but I can't help but feel that on some level California Breed is an album that I have to steel myself to listen to; it's not something I can just casually put on and take in...

Welcome to the era of "The Loudness Wars" I guess...

In any case, his version of "Roxanne" here is beautiful - a crystalline reminder of just why I fell in love with Glenn's vocal work all those years ago; such a delivery as this can be achieved by very, very few others if any...
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