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Thanks John - you summed it up perfectly. It was great to hang out with you and thanks for the camera work - hopefully the two you took will come out, should have them in a day or two.

It was actually quite hilarious - outside the venue there were barrels and inside and full to the brim, were people's disposable cameras that were snagged by the bouncers!!

As John mentioned, HOB was completely sold out - it was an "all ages" show, so there were kids everywhere!! I felt quite old!! But it was 'kinda fun as I got to give a few of them a real education about Glenn and his music. There was more than one occassion where these teens were heard saying..."who is this guy? His voice is does he do that!?" Well, I couldn't let that opportunity pass by without filling them in on a few things! Glenn certainly made an impression on a lot of them.

I was totally impressed by Chad's playing and John's guitar and excellent vocal work - both were spot on all evening - it really couldn't have gone any better - everyone was just "on" - just a pity it was all over so soon - this trio will be hard to beat if given the chance to play more shows

Glenn and Gabi were as gracious as ever and luckily JohnH was able to catch up with them as they were heading out.

Later JohnH and I managed to get into the Foundation Room where we saw Chad Smith...we couldn't pass up the chance to say "Hi", and for 10 minutes or so we chatted. I mentioned I really liked his contribution to HTP 2, where upon he said, "that's one hot record, I really enjoyed doing it". I then told him that it's now available in the States, which he was very happy to hear about.

So although it was a short evening, it was one of the most enjoyable.

Can't wait for the next one
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