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Hello David & Shirean it was nice to meet you & thank you for the job you do here, Glenn is lucky to have such dedicated fans helping to promote his career. To meet Glenn was very cool & to see him live again was amazing! I look forward to the gig in 2 weeks & will bring a few of Glenn's CD's to get signed, not all of them though I think I have about 30 or so & do not want to look to greedy. How is Glenn still able to sing the way he does? Most of the singers from his era are shadows of there former selves. I was hoping Glenn's new CD would out by the next gig(domestic), maybe he will have some for sale there. Excellent photos by the way.

Also I would like to tip my hat to the Montrose band, they put on a solid show. I wonder how many people were a where of the Eric Singer, Glenn connection?

It was a great day of music, thanks to the Mushroom Festival.

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