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Webmaster Oct-09-2006 3:29 PM

Add video to your posts!
Add video to your posts!

When posting new mesages, you are now able to include Video clips from both YouTube and Google.

Simply place the appropriate video ID codes in between the YT and/or GV tags and the video will automatically be embedded into your posting, along with your message (see examples below)!

Streaming doesn't occur until you click on the "play" button, so for those on dial-up, you don't need to worry about them clogging up your connection!

We hope you find this a useful addition to the Fan Forum.

David & Shirean

YouTube video URL example...

The code to put in between YT tags would be BNBRhaICa4I

YouTube Video

Google video URL example...

The code to put in between GV tags would be 304875644399569862

+ Google Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then Google Video is down or you don't have Flash installed.

As videos are added - please try and place messages containing them in the appropriate if GLENN specific, please put in the Video sub-forum within the Media Centre and if Off Topic, please put within it's Video sub-forum.

Thanks :thumbsup:

Webmaster Oct-14-2006 10:59 AM

We see some of you are starting to use this feature :cool:

BUT - please remember - you don't put in the full URL of the video - but just the alphanumeric codes - in between the YT and/or GV tags.

So once you click on either the YouTube or Google Video icon when posting your message, stick this alphanumeric code in between - and NOT the full or address.

See examples above!

Hope that is clearer :) Enjoy it :cool:

Webmaster Aug-16-2016 6:45 PM

YouTube have made some major changes recently, one of which prevents you from simply copying & pasting a video link to the Fan Forum and have it display natively.

So please use the method described above using the built-in YT video ID option or if you prefer, use can use YouTube's iFrame Embed code for any video, such as... (remembering to put the '<' character in front of the first and last iFrame statement in the embed code):


iframe width="720" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>/iframe>

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