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Ad Oct-11-2018 4:02 PM

Some Glenn pix
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Some Glenn pix

lioness Oct-12-2018 11:07 AM

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Re article "Deep Purple fliegen wie die Könige - Deep Purple are flying like kings"

Ad, attached is the 2nd page of the article you uploaded. It was published in weekly German BRAVO magazine issue No. 21/1974.

Headline on the 2nd page reads "Mit Deep Purple im Traumjet über den Wolken - With Deep Purple in their dream jet above the clouds"

One hour onboard the "Starship" was charged with 6500 German Marks plus 13 Marks for each mile. Average income in Germany 1974 was 20000 Marks per year.

Lakeabilene Oct-28-2019 3:01 PM

Very nice, thanks for posting.

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