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David Oct-11-2016 3:11 PM

RESONATE reviews
...and the first reviews are coming in :cool1:



Glenn Hughes' latest offering, Resonate, should come with some kind of health warning. Loud, proud and indisputably ballsy, this is an album that demands to be played with the volume switch cranked so far over to the right the woofers in your amps will complain. Resonate is an album oozing with class...
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The Classic Metal Show


RESONATE is as strong as anything Hughes has ever done; a startling fact given the sheer volume of great music he’s made. Very much recommended.
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David Oct-13-2016 3:29 AM

...another 5/5 :thumbsup:

Liverpool Sound and Vision


Resonate is hard, incredible and alive, an album of perspective and one that is truly complete.
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David Oct-15-2016 7:33 PM

...and another 5/5 review :cool1:



Resonate is simply one of the finest albums of 2016, it has to be a contender for album of the year, beautifully cohesive, an unexpected package that strikes a chord on so many levels, it honestly is going to be hard to beat.
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David Oct-17-2016 3:51 PM

Excellent review just in!

Rock Guitar Daily


Listen closely to Hughes's bass playing on this album. It's some of the best classic British rock bass since the days of Jack Bruce, Entwistle, Andy Fraser, and Chris Squire. Glenn Hughes has done what is not supposed to be possible, and he has made an album the stands shoulder to shoulder with anything he has ever done, and in my humble opinion he's made his best solo record yet at the beginning of the third act. Buy it, enjoy it, play it LOUD.
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David Oct-18-2016 1:11 PM

9.5 review from Spain :thumbsup:


Quote: one of the most suggestive discs this year, an explosion for the senses, God Save The Voice of Rock.
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David Oct-22-2016 5:50 PM

From the opening salvo of bombastic bass & drums to the very last acoustic chords and vocal gymnastics, RESONATE, delivers on all fronts, ticking every box Glenn Hughes fans need after an 8 year absence from a solo recording!

Whether you're a fan of the funk Glenn Hughes or the rock Glenn Hughes, you're gonna be more than satisfied with an album that has been way too long in it's arrival.

"Heavy" is the album opener which kicks things off in style with Glenn's pounding bass and Søren's maniacal guitar crushing chords. While the guest drummer, Chad Smith, pounds so hard it leaves you gobsmacked!

The production throughout from Glenn and Søren is a masterclass on how it should be done, with the highs in all the right places, from vocals, bass, guitar, keys… the wall of sound created is in a word, perfection! No need to say more!!

Glenn's decision to bring his live solo band members into the studio, along with relative new comer, but in the big scheme of things, a long time GH family tree member, Lachy Doley on keys, was a stroke of genius.

All the musicians involved in this recording, elevate Glenn's vocal prowess and more so this time around, his bass playing. Wonderful stuff! Pontus's drums are as hard hitting as you hear them when he plays live with Glenn and Søren's guitar work is punchy with guitar hero worthy riffs when needed and on such songs as "Landmines", demonstrates his mastery of technique.

The pounding hard rockin' groove and swagger of the songs premiered prior to the album release are just a sweet taster for what is to come and so for me the stand out favorites begin from mid-way through the album, only exception being, the exceptional heavy hitting, "Flow". Joined by "Steady", "God of Money", "How Long", "When I Fall", "Landmines", "Stumble & Go" and "Long Time Gone", these are the real aces in the pack for me!

I don't think I've ever heard Glenn's bass playing so clear, loud and pulsating on a studio recording before. And hearing Søren and Pontus perform new material is so refreshing, and having them spin their own take on things, will only elevate their live performance once these songs hit the stage. As for Lachy Doley, well he is a must-have keeper for the solo band, as his keyboard solo wizardry brings light and shade to songs such as the masterpiece, "When I Fall" and then on the flip side, the heart pumping notes of album closer, "Long Time Gone".

The aptly titled RESONATE, is one of the best, if not the finest, solo album Glenn has ever written; lyrically, musically, production, all are perfection. While it might well be the most heavy sounding solo album, it still retains his trademark, allowing his musical diversity to shine through. With a cohesion and flow that will stand the test of time, it promises to be a contender for 'Album of the Year' in some quarters.


All songs written & arranged by Glenn Hughes
Produced & Mixed by Glenn Hughes & Søren Andersen

Glenn Hughes (All Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar)
Søren Andersen (Guitars)
Pontus Engborg (Drums & Percussion)
Lachy Doley (Keyboards)
Chad Smith (Drums) on Heavy & Long Time Gone

David Oct-25-2016 1:46 AM

9.5 / 10 review :cool1:

Maximum Volume Music


Put simply, "Resonate" is a classic album of classic rock. A fitting return to solo work after nearly a decade, "Resonate" truly does just that.
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David Oct-25-2016 6:56 PM

9 / 10 review... :thumbsup:

That Metal Voice


...a stellar album, the best work he has ever done.
You Tube

David Oct-26-2016 1:32 AM

4 / 5 review...

Get Ready To Rock


'Resonate’ certainly lives up to its name. It's an album sculpted by layered parts and shaped by a huge wall of sound that accommodates every element of Glenn’s bristling persona.
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David Oct-27-2016 10:57 AM



Glenn Hughes has produced, full stop, across more than forty-five years of musical and vocal history including a renowned Purple patch, a number of noted band projects and a solo catalogue that has delivered successfully in AOR, hard rock and soul-funk.

Which is all well and good as long as you have the songs, the melodies, the sound and the sonic punch to back up the volume and the Marshall stacked weight.

As it turns out Resonate doesn't just tick all those musical boxes it also features the best band line-up to ever grace a Glenn Hughes solo record – Hughes (vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar), Soren Andersen (guitars), Pontus Engborg (drums) and Lachy Doley (keyboards).
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David Oct-28-2016 4:35 AM

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9 / 10 review from Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine :cool1:


It's got swagger and groove, it's got a rich, soulful heart. Glenn Hughes fans are going to be blown away by "Resonate" and it deserves to be recognized by every rock fan, everywhere.

David Oct-30-2016 7:00 PM

5 / 5 review from France :thumbsup:


RESONATE is rock history embodied in 50 minutes which puts Glenn Hughes on the pedestal that he should never have left. In terms of classic rock, RESONATE is the big winner of the year.
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David Oct-31-2016 4:59 AM

10 / 10 review :cool1:

Sonic Abuse


Glenn may have named the album 'Resonate' but 'earthquake' may well have been more apt. This is not a rock record; this is a full-tilt, soul-infused, gasoline guzzling, funk-imbued monster of a record that grabs you by whichever anatomical delights you are foolish enough to leave exposed and steadfastly refuses to let go until the disc spins to a halt.
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chutsler Oct-31-2016 2:18 PM

Sonic Abuse = Brilliant review!!! :clapper:

David Nov-03-2016 1:54 AM

...from Australia, another excellent review :thumbsup:

Sentinel Daily

Quote: of the most hands-down enjoyable, vibrant and joyous records you’ll hear all year. ...a hard rock masterclass.
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danielb Nov-04-2016 6:06 AM

No review in Classic Rock magazine yet?

David Nov-04-2016 6:10 AM


Originally Posted by danielb (Post 58411)
No review in Classic Rock magazine yet?'s coming ;) End of this month, which will be the January 2017 issue!

Oliver.Lucas Nov-04-2016 1:03 PM

My first impression is that this might be my favorite GH album :claphands
Nothing short of absolutely breathtaking, sheer power and feeling.


Annoying Twit Nov-04-2016 2:17 PM


Originally Posted by Oliver.Lucas (Post 58416)
My first impression is that this might be my favorite GH album :claphands
Nothing short of absolutely breathtaking, sheer power and feeling.


I'm thinking exactly the same.

wolfysmith Nov-06-2016 4:59 AM

There's some great reviews all giving it 5 stars on Amazon and it's selling well on there.

As i look (Sunday 1pm 6th November) the standard cd is No.1 in the Hard Rock chart and the deluxe is No.14

tony g Nov-06-2016 1:02 PM

got my cd/dvd delivered on a sunday!!!!!!!! really love this one!!!! :claphands :claphands :claphands

David Nov-11-2016 4:03 AM

5.5 / 6 review :thumbsup:

Eternal Terror


...this is one of the strongest releases of the year. Impressive, vibrant, and utterly compelling from beginning to end. This album reigns supreme. Make no mistake about that!
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David Nov-11-2016 1:14 PM

...gotta love this brief but to the point review from Germany :cool1:


The Voice Of Rock finally found time for his own music. And this is as sexy as in 1973, as groovy as from 1996 and likewise sufficiently timely for the year 2016.
Full review @

David Nov-21-2016 7:50 PM

...stellar review from Sweden :thumbsup:



These are songs that were made to be played in fifteen minute live versions. Hughes has once again proved that he is a vital force to be reckoned with.
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Michael Nov-22-2016 10:40 PM

When I Fall (acoustic)
I never had such a crush on any other GH song like this one!!! Absolutely stunning! Thanks Glenn :singer: :)

David Nov-26-2016 2:40 PM

4 / 5 Review :thumbsup:

Classic Rock Magazine


...with new album Resonate, he has come up with The Big One. The album forged in his DNA.
Full review @

Ben Nov-28-2016 10:26 AM

Blues Rock Review - 8/10


Resonate is another terrific record album from Glenn Hughes. He’s 65 years old and still belts like he’s 25 while making music that remains fresh as ever. The fact Hughes continues to be as prolific as he’s been is something we can all appreciate. Lucky for us, we won’t have to wait long for more music as Hughes and Black Country Communion will be releasing its highly anticipated fourth album in May.

David Nov-29-2016 3:45 PM

Classic Rock Magazine - January 2017 issue...
1 Attachment(s)
...even better in print, an 8/10 review in the latest issue (January 2017, No. 231), on newsstands now.

Classic Rock Magazine


...with new album Resonate, he has come up with The Big One. The album forged in his DNA. A masterclass.

David Nov-29-2016 3:56 PM

...excellent 10/10 review from Spain :thumbsup:



Serious candidate for album of the year. "Resonate" is a complete album... not losing momentum at any second... because the songs sound fresh and ready to be played live, and they sound totally GLENN HUGHES.
Full review @

Ken Dec-03-2016 2:50 PM

the Big One for sure
Big Papa has made the Big One
if Stumble and Go can't make you move, nothing will :bouncer:

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