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toadsterama Feb-02-2004 11:07 AM

NEW Interview w/ Joe Lynn Turner @ The FUZE!
Well, since half the world's population decided to post their Joe Lynn Turner interviews last month, we decided to hold off. But now I'm pleased to announce that the FUZE interview with Joe is now up and available to read at:

We're still adding a few photos to it this afternoon, but there's a lot of good stuff for your brain to gnaw on for now - check it out!

Cheers..Todd Feb-02-2004 11:16 AM

>>>Well, since half the world's population decided to post their Joe Lynn Turner interviews last month, we decided to hold off.>>>

Todd...;-) thanks for noticing this but we also thank you for your support and a great interview! I will make sure Joe's webmaster has the link. Take Care, Lisa

toadsterama Feb-02-2004 11:21 AM

Thanks again for helping set that up, Lisa! Joe's got to be about the most easy-going guy in the business. It was our pleasure.

We've got reviews posted as well.

Cheers..Todd Feb-02-2004 11:29 AM


I love it! You post about Joe being about the most easy going guy in the biz and several minutes before I also posted in another thread about how Joe had this reputation for years with media people. GH is also incredibly gracious. As I always tell GH and's rare to get "thank yous" from major media outlets or writers like yourself who are very busy. With GH and JLT I get the great comments ALL the time and that makes me very proud of them.

Take Care,

Chip Feb-02-2004 2:59 PM

Great interview, Todd. I think it's one of your best so far.


jerklund Feb-03-2004 2:26 AM

Morjens Todd,
nice stuff - it was a pleasure to read!

Best regards,


captmidnite1962 Feb-24-2004 3:31 PM

Hey Todd,

I raise my glass to you for another outstanding job! Joe comes across as totally free of any "rock star attitude" and it is certainly refreshing to read about someone who totally digs his job!! Think about that....we should all be so lucky to wake up every day and be pumped at the thought of making a living and getting our jollies too!

And Joe is one of a growing group of musicians who have disregarded the alleged "stigma" of jingle work and made a handsome living at it. The list includes people like Eddie Jobson, Gary Wright,Mike Smith (from the Dave Clark Five),Phoebe Snow...and if that isn't Stephen Stills,Paul Rodgers,Joe Walsh and Gregg Allman singing on those MGD commercials from a few years back.....I think the first time I can remember a rocker doing a beer ad was Dave Mason back in 1981..he was doing ads for Miller Beer.

Once again..great work Todd!!,s,714...lies/claps.gif

Yours In The Funk
Bill Redford

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