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wolfysmith Oct-21-2004 2:38 AM

Classic Rock DEP Review
the new issue of classic Rock (with Led Zep on front) has this review for the DEP Sessions:

In 1986,Tony Iommi recorded his first solo album, with GH on vocals. Dont recall it? Probably because the album in question, "Seventh Star", came out under the Black Sabbath name because of commercial pressures. A decade later, the gutarist tried again - recording at UB40's Dep studio in Birmingham with Hughes, Don Airey and Geoff Nicholls, plus drummer Dave Holland. But this record gathered dust as Iommi put his energies into a Sabbath reunion with Ozzy.
Now, eight years later, its finally in the shops, albeit with Hollands parts replaced by Jim Copley. The only supriseis that the record never saw the light of day earlier.
More diverse than "Seventh Star", it allows Iommi to show his diversity, and beautifully showcases that tremendous Hughes passion and power. This is a classy, mature album, with the dynamic "from another world", the soulful "Dont drag the river", and the slippery "im not the same man" among the brilliant highlights.
Any chance of a tour chaps?


Yes thats right, Glenn gets 4 stars from Classic Rock shock

There is also a full page on Glenn & Chad working and touring together (with a list of the dates). A picture of Glenn with Dave Navarro and Chad on the video shoot is in, plus what David Coverdale really thinks about the Burn reissue. Hopefully i'll have time to post that tomorrow.

No review of Glenn's DVD.

"It's in my blood"

wolfysmith Oct-21-2004 2:43 AM

Forgot to say that elsewhere Geoff Barton has a great article on DC & Whitesnake.

Got your scanner fixed yet "Irish" Paul?

"It's in my blood"

jerklund Oct-21-2004 7:57 PM

it seems like a good issue of Classic Rock indeed! Do you know if that magazine can be ordered? In Finland we will get next issue probably in January 2005...



Shirl Oct-22-2004 2:11 AM

Send me your address Tero, and I'll get a copy of it to you.


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