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jerklund Sep-16-2002 8:39 AM

HTP - Live in Tokyo Euro version
I don't know whether this has been mentioned here or not but Euro version of HTP Live in Tokyo has "Against the Wall" (HTP Japanese bonus track) as a "bonus" track BUT, "No Stranger to Love" is excluded!!!
Live album can be bought from HTP concerts, it costs only 15€.



aijoo. were there any HTP t-shirts for sale in Germany?

Ad Sep-16-2002 9:03 AM

Studio or Live version
Hi Tero

is that track the Studio or Live version????

Fedor Sep-16-2002 10:47 AM

Interesting... well, with the ROCK bonus
cd you have a better version of that song (NSTL anyway. ;-)

Ad, it's the studioversion of Against The Wall. The song was not performed live.


- Fedor

jerklund Sep-16-2002 6:03 PM

Against the Wall- bonus is studio version.


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