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Froz Apr-20-2011 3:01 AM

Black Sabbath
Does anyone know.
Are there any live recordings BS with Glenn, in a good quality?
I stumbled on the disc - BS 1986 Turn to Glenn.
But it is impossible to listen. The sound is awful.
I'd like to listen to classical BS songs in the performance of Glenn.
Once I found a rare concert on CD with Gillan, as where he sings the classic BS things.
Maybe with GH actually find?

Twanky Apr-28-2011 9:36 AM

Not good quality ones. He only did 6 shows with BS ? 5 are available as boots + the rehearsals and at least 1 dvd of a show

Arjen May-12-2011 3:19 PM

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Not too long ago the whole "Glenn with Sabbath" tour was released as a bootleg cd/dvd set in Japan. Pretty awesome if you ask me :) I managed to obtain these releases and Its one of my favorites. Soundwise these arent the best you can wish for but at least all his concerts are available. Do not expect something very good but to me the are awesome :D

Im sorry, I do not like to promote bootlegs but these are just killer!

zarko Jul-15-2011 1:56 AM

Great release indeed! Is there a way I could purchase this one? Maybe in a Japanese page?

smithy55 Jul-26-2012 9:41 PM

I wonder if they did any remastering of these before they released them.

Some professional work might make the audience tapes more listenable.

Arjen Apr-22-2013 12:31 PM

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Don't you just LOVE those Japanese bootlegs ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

willem Apr-24-2013 2:16 PM

I have the Turn to GLENN cd myself and I like it. But I think it's a missed change that they didn't take one of these GLENN shows for the official Seventh Star deluxe version. It should be Glenn on that live disc ;)

Arjen Apr-25-2013 1:42 PM

Totally agreed Willem, BUT the Sabbath management is not very famous for recording shows (video and audio) back in the day. Secondly also Iommi is not exactly keen on releasing non Ozzy material so the fans dont get "confused" ... :mad: .... so praise the bootleggers and bootleg market. Especially the Japanese! If the band doesnt do it, the fans will. And since quantities are quite minimum it doesnt hurt anybody...and the products are amazing! :D

glazosifo Apr-26-2013 5:28 AM

Glenn not his best on this tour
I wouldn't jump at a Soundboard of Glenn on the Seventh Star Tour for well documented reasons!

jerklund Jan-05-2017 7:53 AM

Watching Black Sabbath featuring Glenn Hughes show from YouTube right now and enjoying as much as back in time when I saw this for the first time. This, Cal Jam and Rises Over Japan are timeless gems... for some ;)

:bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

T :)

btw. All you GHCPs - Happy 2017!

HarryLee Sep-16-2017 10:44 AM

Glenn with Sabbath was amazing.

glazosifo Sep-20-2017 8:07 AM

maybe the Sound Stage rehearsals from 'Seventh Star' before Glenn was 'injured' in that flare up.

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