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Mark Hoffman Sep-04-2005 1:11 PM

Glenn as a Band Member and Solo Artist
Just got through reading a brief recent interview with Tony Iommi-

I'm sorry if someone else has posted this-but this is the first I read it. It has a couple interesting tid-bits... like which song it was that Tony used the Stratocaster... and my guess was right- "Deep Inside a Shell".

Tony is pretty adament about the idea that "Iommi" is a working band, and he has full intentions of touring.

Judging by the postings on this site (or the lack of)- I'm not too sure many share my opinion... but I'd like to see Glenn and his realationship with "Iommi" continue for a long time to come. Is it asking too much to have an "Iommi" album and a Hughes solo project each year? Glenn can just cut the stuff he does on the side and concentrate his efforts to the two projects... a more consistant quality product.

"Fused" has just kept growing on me as most of Glenn's solo releases. I've tried to listen to other music lately... like Clapton's new release, Plant's, C.OC.'s, Demon's and Wizards and a few others... "Fused" (My 13 track copy) keeps on making iot back to the player in my car. I especially like "The Innocense" right now... It really bothers me that there are so many people listening to this album right now and have no idea that they are missing at least one (if not three) quality tracks. Who benifits from these exclusive downloadsa anyway? It's not the fans (or the artists) in my opinion.


jerklund Sep-05-2005 10:44 PM

Iommi is a band
Hi Mark,

I asked Glenn whether he considers Iommi as a band or project and his answer was:"If you'd ask this same question to Tony Iommi I would say that his answer would be the same. This is a band and also Kenny Aronoff is very important part of it."

They do have plans to tour and make another record after that. But they also wrote something for new Black Sabbath album, so you never know what will happen....:)

But I'm looking forward to that tour and next album....AND I''m listening to both Fused and Soul Mover almost non stop...:)

(must be something wrong with me)

:bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


jerklund Sep-06-2005 5:44 AM

Record Collector
came to my mind that September issue of Record Collector has short Iommi/Hughes -interview! :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

T:) :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

Chip Sep-06-2005 4:29 PM


Originally Posted by jerklund
came to my mind that September issue of Record Collector has short Iommi/Hughes -interview! :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

T:) :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

Yeah, you're right. I posted it yesterday.


jerklund Sep-07-2005 10:57 AM

Fused bonuses
thanks Mark for those 2 tracks I was Japanese Fused is already ordered and I downloaded The Innocence from iTunes, so I don't feel too quilty...:)

Let It Down Easy - if Brian Johnson ever retires from AC/DC Glenn could step in to his boots...

Slip Away - could have been on Iommi - Iommi - would have been nice hear that one done by Phil Anselmo or by this System of a Down dude whose name escapes me now...Se...something Tankian...????

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