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chris spencer Aug-26-2003 11:20 AM

Happy Birthday grace
Happy Birthday to you
happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Glenn.s number 1 New york GHCP person...
Happy Birthday TO YOU !!!!!!

hee hee hee

Shirl Aug-26-2003 11:32 AM

Yes, indeedy-do!

Sincerest best wishes for tomorrow Grace (22:35 here).

Go, girlfriend!

toadsterama Aug-26-2003 12:26 PM

Happy Birthday, Grace. Enjoy your day!

Here's to ya - Cheers!


Chip Aug-26-2003 12:47 PM

Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Maybe one of your presents will be a new axe.

Happy Birthday!!


David Aug-26-2003 12:55 PM

Have a great day Grace and hope you get that wallpaper you referred to as one of your gifts

Happy Birthday,s,714...s/party047.gif

Shirean Aug-26-2003 5:19 PM

Happy Birthday Grace,

Hope you have a wonderful day!!


James Gaden Aug-26-2003 8:33 PM

Many happy returns to my favourite axe murderer and closet yodeling fan. Enjoy yourself....if he gets a spare minute, David Hasselhoff will pop round to offer you a birthday quote from Baywatch...,s,714.../xyxthumbs.gif


"How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

Shirl Aug-26-2003 9:37 PM

She'll be sure to hide behind the settee!!

James Gaden Aug-26-2003 10:54 PM

"Uncle" Dave is tall - he'll still see her there.


"How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

Aug-27-2003 1:40 AM

happy birthday to graceeeeee......,s,714...ies/singer.gif


Mark Hoffman Aug-27-2003 2:12 AM

Happy Belated! Grace!

If you do come up with that wallpaper Dave mentioned... let me know. Although, paper colored deep purple would require a lot of lighting in a room... maybe we can get Dave to market some kinda funky wall paper in the CTC Shop?

Take good care! Hope the b-day went well!


jerklund Aug-27-2003 2:55 AM

paljon onnea vaan,
paljon onnea vaan
paljon onnea Grace,
paljon onnea vaan!


Shirl Aug-27-2003 4:34 AM

I hope that's the 'clean' version, Tero!

Grace Aug-27-2003 12:40 PM

Thank you, everybody, for wishing me a Happy Birthday today.

Chris....Looks like I will have to share composing honors with you, for Glenn's next album.
Shirl....Thanks for your kind wishes, you lovely instigator, you.
Todd....Glad that you are OK, after the recent "heavy" Las Vegas rain.
Chip....You will never know if I got a new axe for my birthday, until it's too late...heh, heh.
David....Thanks for your Deep Purple "Wallpaper Wishes."
Shirean....Thanks for always having warm wishes for all of us GHCP's on our birthdays.
JG....Just remember your #1 fan, when you become "The King of Accordians."
Roberto....Grazie from (as my grandmother used to call me) Graziella.
Mark.... And where's the picture of me on your refrigerator "Wall of Fame?"
Tero....Yep, you will be in charge of the non-English lyric translations for Glenn's next album.

Thanks everybody, wishing you all the best, too.

top cat Aug-28-2003 3:40 AM

Happy birthday Grace - sorry I'm late!!!!!!

Having serious web access problems at work & offline at home at the mo too!!! Hope you had a good 'un!!!



Pete Stanford Aug-28-2003 9:10 AM

Hi Grace...

A Happy belated birthday to ya...

Pete S.,s,714...ies/singer.gif

Grace Aug-29-2003 10:47 AM

Thank you.....TC and Pete.

Since so many kind birthday wishes have come from British subjects, I have decided that it would only be proper, for me to begin collecting funds.....for the occasion of the first meeting of Chris, Shirl, David, James, TC and Pete.

(God only knows what's going to happen when they all meet, and only the police will know how much the bail money will be.)

So send money to me at:

New Jersey USA





chris spencer Aug-29-2003 11:54 PM


Hey Grace, with your Italian American contacts I am sure you will breaks us all out of jail !!!!

Grace Aug-30-2003 10:30 AM

As Ritchie Blackmore said to Roger Glover (in the BBC documentary)
and as Don Vito Corleone said to everybody:
"Hey, it's not personal, it's just business."

Hey Chris,
Maybe Glenn would do a charity concert to help raise bail money for "The Bradford 6".......

Shirl Aug-30-2003 11:34 PM

Bradford 6! You might need that bail money by the end of October Grace, so get the funds ready and get over here by then!

wolfysmith Sep-01-2003 2:29 AM

A very belated Happy Birthday Grace.

I have been on holiday so missed everything last week - including Glenn's chat

But dont worry, i havent missed anything as your official Classic Rock reporter!

By the way, i share my birthday with a certain Mr R Blackmore (but not the same year )

It's in my blood

Vinnis Sep-02-2003 4:57 AM

Happy belated birthday Grace!!!

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