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James Gaden Sep-30-2003 8:32 AM

Diamond Dave?
I've heard reports Dave Lee Roth has injured himself on his US tour and now got pneumonia, therefore cancelling the rest of dates this year. Has anybody got anything concrete, because I was booked to see one of these shows and I'd sure like to know if it's just internet rumour or not!


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Marc Fevre Sep-30-2003 8:51 AM

Hi James,

Seems Dave hurt himself while doing his martial arts staff-twirling routine on stage about a week or so ago. Evidently he clocked himself pretty hard. I don't know about the pneumonia, but I can say that I saw him in L.A. back in August, and he was great.

You'll be missing what would have been quite a show.

-Marc Fevre

Grace Sep-30-2003 12:57 PM


I heard two DJ's on a radio show, saying that DLR hit himself in the head with a chain or sword (they weren't sure themselves which it was) while he was onstage; he finished the show even though he was bleeding, and then went to the hospital, where he had to get stitches. And the rest of the "immediate" shows were cancelled until he recovers. I don't know how long "immediate" is, or if it will affect your scheduled show. mention of pneumonia.

Paul Sep-30-2003 1:44 PM reported this the other day....don't know if it would include the European leg?

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>DIAMOND DAVE CANCELS THE REST OF HIS TOUR
It seems David Lee Roth still isn't feeling too good and will cancel all remaining dates on his 2003 tour. The cancellation does not stem from the on stage accident last week, but rather from another illness, reported as pneumonia in some circles, although Roth has not confirmed this either way.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

ddedman Sep-30-2003 5:58 PM

I saw a newspaper article that indicated he had injured himself. It stated that he was performing martial arts moves, and hit himself with the staff. I think it said that he had gotten 40 stitches from the incident, but my memory is unclear on that point. I do know that it said some (possibly all) dates could be cancelled. It mentioned nothing about other illness.

Paul Nov-07-2003 6:40 AM

It seems DLR has cancelled his upcoming dates in the UK, but plans to reschedule them for March...if it's HTP or DLR at Easter know where I'll be

James Gaden Nov-09-2003 9:04 PM

Thanks Paul.....the venue rang me over the weekend and told me that the Manchester show I was booked in for has been postponed until February 27th...the day before my birthday so it could be a lot worse. He's still coming as far as I know!


"How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

Weissheim Nov-10-2003 1:42 AM

The UK dates have been postponed due to his sound engineer dying.


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