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Still got the Blues Feb-24-2004 6:59 AM

Glenn on UK TV with Mel (90's)
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Hi all,

Just found this Glenn interview on an old VHS ('93)? It is an interview prior to the Blues album release and he performs So Much Love To Give with Mel Galley & Billy Leisegang.

Hope you haven't seen it. ENJOY :cool:
Glenn Hughes 1993 UK TV Interview - YouTube

Chip Feb-24-2004 2:57 PM

Thanks for posting <!--StartFragment --> Still got the Blues.

I have some videos that are of the same era, but have never seen that particular one. Very interesting. Thanks again.


PS: I'm glad the Robert Palmer look didn't last too long. It didn't "suit" Glenn. (I apoligize for the bad pun)

captmidnite1962 Feb-24-2004 3:11 PM

Hello <!--StartFragment --> Still got the Blues!

Thank you for sharing that clip with all of us! Glenn talks about wanting to play "catch up" for the time he spent in the "wilderness". If you had seen this clip at the time it first aired, you probably never have guessed just how PROLIFIC Glenn would be over the next 10 years! And what a joy it was to see Glenn and Mel perform together.

You made my night..Thanks again!!

Yours In The Funk
Bill Redford

toadsterama Feb-24-2004 5:15 PM

What a great, relaxed performance and interview with our man Glenn. Thanks so much for posting that, <!--StartFragment --> Still got the Blues. 'So Much Love to Give' has always been my favorite track off the BLUES album.


Mark3 Feb-24-2004 10:31 PM

I have played this song for over last 8 years in the last band I was in, just a great song and I have always thought it would be great to see Glenn do this song.

Fanatastic thanks :claphands

Though the bass was played by Tony Franklin on the album think !

Thanks<!--StartFragment --> Still got the Blues, any other gems you can share

Grace Feb-26-2004 4:41 AM

Great interview of where Glenn was at that time,
(along the road to a happy destination)
combined with one of his best ballads.

How casual can you be,
and how good a singer do you have to be,
to be able to sing like that sitting down?

Thanks for posting it...........

PS to Chip: Hey, I'm getting very nervous,
that with the "Western" style shirts that Glenn's been
wearing lately, and hair long enough to be braided,
that GH will adapt the Willie Nelson look.
(Can yodeling country music be far behind?)



Chip Feb-26-2004 11:30 AM

I agree Grace...yuck! on the Willie Nelson look.
Of course it would be better than say...Porter Wagner!


Shirl Feb-26-2004 12:00 PM

No matter what he wears or how he wears his hair, he just CANNOT disguise that wonderful voice!,s,714...milies/bow.gif

Thank you <!--StartFragment --> Still got the Blues.

Grace Feb-26-2004 2:28 PM

You betcha' Shirl.

As I've said before, everything since
"Glenn Hughes Blues" has been pure gravy.

Although we GHCP's don't "talk about it" very often,
we all take a personal pride in Glenn's strength
and victory 12 years ago.

David Feb-26-2004 3:17 PM

Have been off-line for a couple of days....just wanted to reiterate what everyone has said....thanks for the cool video<!--StartFragment --> Still got the Blues...look forward to anything else you might have up your sleeve

Paul Mar-11-2005 3:33 PM

Had forgotten all about this clip - was reading wolfysmith's recent post about Mel and it jogged my memory. Really hope Mel manages to get that solo album done, afterall, this clip is only a few years old, so he still must have it in him to pull out a good one :thumbsup:

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