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lioness Jun-13-2018 1:40 PM

Sweden Rock Festival 2018
At Sweden Rock, Glenn introduced a new drummer. A German guy from the city of Karlsruhe. I understood the name as Marcus Kollmer or Kollmann. No idea who he is :confused:

What happened to Fernando?
YouTube Video

willem Jun-13-2018 4:27 PM

The drummer must be Markus Kullmann from Karlsruhe. He is a huge John Bonham and Ian Paice fan. It seems that he played before with Glenn on the Spain tour in 2013. What I understand is that he played the Sweden Rock Show unrehearsed... and it sounded good!

lioness Jun-14-2018 10:53 AM

Yes, it is indeed Markus Kullmann. He is a drum teacher and plays for various bands.

As he has posted on his website


It is an incredible honour to announce that I am the new drummer for the GLENN HUGHES CLASSIC DEEP PURPLE WORLD TOUR 2018

YouTube Video

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