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jerklund May-17-2002 7:55 PM

HTP live?
Morjens Everyone,
anyone got any "unofficial" HTP live recordings...?

Have a NICE weekend Everyone,

T:) :p :p

May-18-2002 1:17 AM

nothing so far.
maybe next weeks.
i'm working for.... :rolleyes:


PaulChina May-19-2002 7:25 PM

HTP Live
I've seen 2 shows advertised on a japanese site which are;
5.11.02 Fukuoka
5.13.02 Osaka

Problem is they are not cheap!

May-20-2002 12:27 AM

give me the link to contact him :confused:


jerklund May-20-2002 6:47 AM

hmmm bootleggers...
I hate it when people sell bootlegs - I think it's OK to trade or copy them for free...but selling them...YAK!!!


:mad: :mad: :mad:

May-20-2002 10:11 AM

yes. right !!!!!!
but... maybe that man can trade something.
if not.........
i will go in another place. :rolleyes:


PaulChina May-20-2002 4:07 PM

The site i refered to is not a trading site, its a shop in Japan that sells legit and boot material. Just for your info i requested the price for the two items i mentioned and it was $98 for two double CDR sets. Like i said they are not cheap!

Paul May-20-2002 8:17 PM

Oh, do post the address, I don't mind blowing a mint on this ;)

jerklund May-20-2002 10:44 PM

....quess the price is SO high because this guy knows that he can only sell them once...then those gigs are copied to hundreds...:)

T:) :D :D :D

May-21-2002 6:15 AM

i spent a lot of money in my life to get "regular" bootlegs.
especially in lost horizon store in japan.
( now they don't sell more bootegs )
but i don't think to spend 98 dollars for two cdr.
without hurry, i will find them elsewhere.


renatom May-21-2002 2:54 PM

Lost Horizons
Hey Roberto
Nice to know that you spent a lot of money in Lost Horizons. Me too !!!!!!!!!!!!
My last order was the California Jam DVD (awesome)!!
Im looking for a shop that I can buy some CDs, DVDs and boots, Please let us know the link !!!!
Unfortunely, Lost Horizons (Chris) dont sell boots.


Renato Maestrali Moraes
ICQ: 9185591

renatom May-21-2002 3:00 PM

GH FTP server
I wonder if we can get to build a GH Ftp server where only registered users can share boots or some other GH music/
I dont know if you are into it, maybe Tero. I will try to see what I can do and return to you.
What do you think ?
Please I need feedback

Renato Maestrali Moraes
ICQ: 9185591

May-22-2002 6:13 AM

try to ask if someone like it about ftp server.
about store, i got stuff sometime in
they sold bootlegs too.
try to check site if they are on the road again


PaulChina Jun-01-2002 8:43 PM

There you go!
1 Attachment(s)
I don't know what the sound quality is like yet because the disc is at home and i am not!

Jun-02-2002 11:52 AM

....and when do you think to go home ???? :confused:


MAZ1969 Jun-02-2002 2:43 PM


Even if the prices are high, I would like to check out that Bootleg site. I too got alot of stuff from Lost Horizons and have not found a place to get any since it closed up that part of the business. Stores around me do not sell them. If leaving the address on this site is not the right thing to do please email it to me at

thanks a bunch


PaulChina Jun-03-2002 12:56 AM

One more
1 Attachment(s)
Sorry Roberto, i do not know when i will be home at the moment.

Jun-03-2002 11:51 AM

i can wait for.......
just let me know


PaulChina Jun-14-2002 2:18 AM

Here's another.......
1 Attachment(s)
The set list is the same. :)

Fbelt39867 Jun-15-2002 10:41 AM

HTP Live Anyone?
I am looking to trade anybody for an HTP show. Most of the really rate stuff is JLT related and I do have GH's 8th Star Demos. I have various DP related boots that I could dust off. I have the King of Dreams boot from the Holy Man tour, which sound wise isn't the best, but if you put the headphones on and turn up the volume it's not bad.

I also have a friend who may have something your interested in that I don't have.

I'd even be willing to kick in some money to have someone by a boot (and send me a copy), but I'm not paying $98 for it.

If anybody is interested in a trade e-mail me at



Frank B.

Jul-13-2002 11:42 PM

I would like to get my hands on one of the boots from the Hughes&turner project..

I don't care if it's a cd-r or the "real" one...
(Don't care about any costs...not that i'm rich,but it's time to give myself a present) :)

You told me to hate and love you
That's because you love to hate yourself

Bruce Dickinson - Faith

Jul-16-2002 4:07 AM

Were can one find these beautiful cd's if one wants to have them on cd-r or better yet original bootleg version??

Help one out please :D

You told me to hate and love you
That's because you love to hate yourself
Bruce Dickinson - Faith

Jul-16-2002 8:58 AM

i think all those covers are self made.
good job anyway :p :p


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