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JohnH Oct-17-2002 12:39 AM

Shape 68 and Glenn Hughes Rocked the House Tonight!!!!!!
Just walked in the door after a delightful evening at Platinum Live. The five new songs that Glenn debuted with his new band Shape 68 sounded great. They can be described as rock/pop with some funky elements as well. Not really sure how to categorize them but they didn't sound wimpy either... they just sounded like great new GH music. The band was also smokin. Among the guests was Toto's Steve Porcaro on one of the new songs and also a funked up version of Smoke on the Water. I got to see David Paich play some songs at Platinum a few weeks ago so it was cool to see the other Toto keyboard player tonight. Other songs GH did included a great version of Coast to Coast, but without the improvised middle sections that he did on recent solo tours, and on the Tommy Bolin tribute album. You Keep On Moving was another highlight... and keep in mind I've only seen him with VOCR so I'm not burned out on those songs live like some people. It was a wonderful evening, Got to spend it at David and Shirean's table along with Chip, Todd and KO. I also got Hans Zermuehlen to come out..he was playing Tuesday down at La Ve Lee and didn't know Glenn was at Platinum. Other luminaries spotted in the crowd included Alex Ligertwood, Claude Schnell, Jeff Scott Soto and others. Of course Glenn sang amazing and played great bass. We also were impressed with Jeff Kollman's guitar playing and Robin Dimaggio is a great powerful drummer. A very inspiring evening. Watch this space for tons of pics to come in the next few days.


Shirl Oct-17-2002 1:50 AM

Oh to be in America
Couldn't wait to get on here today to see the reviews. The guy's a genius, don't you think? Make me jealous, why don't ya? Any photos out there?

Shirean Oct-17-2002 3:58 PM

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Here's a teaser for you Shirl, while we put the pictures together! We'll also be sending Fedor some (not-duplicates) so he can include them on the official site.

Shirean Oct-17-2002 10:28 PM

Pix are ready now!
All...David just finished putting up the Shape 68 can go here to take a look:

They're in the Live Pictures & Tour Dates page in the Memorabilia section of the site.

Chip Oct-18-2002 4:57 PM

Rocked the house, indeed!!!!!!
Wow! What an incredible night. I really can't add much more than has already been said, it was truly an amazing evening.

It was good to get together again with John H. and Ko, and meeting David and Shirean for the first time. It was really nice to hang out together. Hope to do it again sometime.

One highlight of the evening was having Glenn autograph his "obituary" that appeared in Star magazine last year, it was very funny.

A special thanks to Todd who arranged through his work, airline tickets for me to get to Las Vegas quickly so we could drive from Vegas to L.A. in time for the show that same evening.

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