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David Oct-07-2018 4:03 PM

Cardiff, UK setlist - Classic Deep Purple Live - October 6th, 2018
Glenn and his band, featuring Søren Andersen (guitars), Jesper "Bo" Hansen (keys), and Ash Sheehan (drums), performed Classic Deep Purple Live last night in Cardiff, UK at Tramshed :cool1:

Might Just Take Your Life
Sail Away
Gettin' Tighter
You Keep On Moving
You Fool No One
Smoke On The Water / Georgia On My Mind
Highway Star
"Gettin' Tighter"
YouTube Video

YouTube Video

wolfysmith Oct-08-2018 5:31 AM

When did the drummer change again?

steve28 Oct-08-2018 4:26 PM

Drummer malfunction!
Probably straight after the Leamington show, Wolfie. I know you saw it - you even got a name check from the stage!! So you probably saw GH trying to give the drummer some cues, some of which he missed badly. I was going to post that I didn't think he'd make it back for the second leg, but apparently he didn't make it for the next gig!

wolfysmith Oct-09-2018 5:26 AM

Yeah, you probably saw when Glenn was waving his hands but the drummer not knowing what he meant. Glenn threw his pick across the stage in anger after the song :mad: He didn't announce him to the crowd either.

Always nice to get a name check :D

Will be at Manchester so can compare the two. Ash is local to here and is a member of "The Twang" and the "Dead Sea Skulls" - which you might want to check out.

He's also a Baggies fan so no doubt some football banter in the band!

lioness Oct-09-2018 10:12 AM

Ash Sheehan took the drummer's seat in Southampton. So far there's only one video on vimeo available.

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