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chrisloeb Aug-16-2009 2:27 PM

Toolbar jumps
Hi David,

thought I should let you know that every time I open a new page in the forum, the toolbar jumps from the bottom to the middle of the browser window (Firefox 3.5.2 - haven't tried it on the Internet Explorer) and back. This is a little annoying, and I guess it's not intentional!?

Anybody else experiencing this?


David Aug-16-2009 2:38 PM

Thanks for the feedback Christian. Will see if I can tweak something to resolve your problem! If you notice it working ok again, please let me know. Meantime, is it just the forum pages you see this behaviour? If so, perhaps if tweaks don't resolve it , I can simply remove it.

Let me know.

chrisloeb Aug-16-2009 2:52 PM

I just noticed that it happens everywhere on the site - BUT: When the page loads quicker than the toolbar, it doesn't happen!* Hope this helps!

*EDIT: sorry, scrap that. It seemed so in the first place, but it happens anyway!

David Aug-16-2009 3:11 PM

OK, thanks Christian. I'll see what can be done. Again, let me know if you see any change in the next day or two.

chrisloeb Aug-21-2009 3:35 PM

I never noticed you can hide it (double arrow, far right!) - well, for me that means: problem solved!

purplemusic Aug-21-2009 3:42 PM

After the 1st day, all I've ever done is put it in the corner, so I don't really don't use it or know if mine skipped.

David Aug-21-2009 4:53 PM

OK, thanks Christian. If you ever notice it's all good again, let me know, perhaps next time you upgrade your browser.

Yeah, it's not for everyone Bart, but anyone new coming along, who might have arrived via Facebook and the like, might find it useful for a quick link into the sanctum of the site :)

Overtime, it should have things added/improved/updated etc...we'll see, it's still just experimental!

purplemusic Aug-23-2009 8:35 PM

I do see where it could be more useful to a newer user. I have played w/ it a bit. For this stubborn old dog, it's always hard to get used to a new trick.

wolfysmith Aug-24-2009 11:09 AM

i just found myself unable to add a comment to Franks Birthday while using Chrome (which is normally ok)

i switched to IE8 and it worked no problem!

but i notice the new toolbar hasnt appeared in IE8.

David Aug-24-2009 2:10 PM


Originally Posted by wolfysmith (Post 40451)
i just found myself unable to add a comment to Franks Birthday while using Chrome (which is normally ok)

but i notice the new toolbar hasnt appeared in IE8.

Not all features of the forum are supported in Chrome, so you may run into some oddities from time to time with it ;) Only IE 6, IE 7, Safari, Firefox and Opera are currently considered "fully supported".

The toolbar will be fully IE8 compatible in a few days :) although I can see it ok in IE8 here. Guess it's bad timing for the developers, as there are a bunch of new versions of OS's & web browsers all hitting the market around the same time, so I guess they're playing catch up :D

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