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David Apr-27-2016 2:00 AM

2016 UK/EUROPEAN Tour w/ Living Colour
<strong>GLENN HUGHES</strong>, the legendary '<em>Voice of Rock</em>' and newly inducted <em>Rock and Roll Hall of Fame</em> member, is pleased to announce his co-headlining tour of <strong>UK</strong> and <strong>EUROPE</strong> with American Grammy Award winners, <strong>LIVING COLOUR</strong>. Beginning November 8th in ENGLAND and ending December 14th in SPAIN, the tour promises to celebrate both rock legends history making musical careers.

On the announcement of the co-headlining 2016 Winter UK/European tour with <strong>LIVING COLOUR</strong>, Hughes comments:


<em>I'm super excited to be touring later this year with my Band. Joining us will be my friends from the USA, Living Colour. An evening for all you SOULMOVERS.</em>
The '<em>Voice of Rock</em>' will be performing a collection of music from his extensive career, including selections from <strong>Trapeze</strong>, <strong>Deep Purple</strong>, <strong>Hughes/Thrall</strong>, and <strong>Black Country Communion</strong> as well as his solo material.

<strong>LIVING COLOUR</strong>, the 2-time Grammy award winning rock band from New York City, are excited to be part of this hard-hitting co-headlining tour with the great, soulful rock singer/bassist <strong>Glenn Hughes</strong>. Says the band:


The combination of Glenn Hughes strong fanbase and Living Colourís passionate European fans are sure to sell out theatres later this year, so get your tickets now!
<strong>NOVEMBER 2016</strong>

8th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Assembly</u></strong></a> - Leamington Spa, <strong>ENGLAND</strong>
9th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Wulfrun</u></strong></a> - Wolverhampton, <strong>ENGLAND</strong>
11th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Riverside</u></strong></a> - Newcastle, <strong>ENGLAND</strong>
12th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Hard Rock Hell</u></strong></a> - Pwllheli, Gwynedd, <strong>WALES</strong>
14th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Rescue Rooms</u></strong></a> - Nottingham, <strong>ENGLAND</strong>
15th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>O2 ABC</u></strong></a> - Glasgow, <strong>SCOTLAND</strong>
17th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>O2 Ritz</u></strong></a> - Manchester, <strong>ENGLAND</strong>
19th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>The Junction</u></strong></a> - Cambridge, <strong>ENGLAND</strong>
20th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire</u></strong></a> - London, <strong>ENGLAND</strong>
22nd - <a href=" ts&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=1637214%247813767 &jumpIn=yTix&kuid=12864&from=erdetaila" target="_blank"><strong><u>LKA</u></strong></a> - Stuttgart, <strong>GERMANY</strong>
23rd - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Meet Factory</u></strong></a> - Prague, <strong>CZECH REPUBLIC</strong>
25th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Kofmehl</u></strong></a> - Solothurn, <strong>SWITZERLAND</strong>
26th - <a href=" kets&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=1637759%2478166 49&jumpIn=yTix&kuid=460156&from=erdetaila" target="_blank"><strong><u>Zona Roveri</u></strong></a> - Bologna, <strong>ITALY</strong>
28th - <a href=" kets&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=1637759%2478404 03&jumpIn=yTix&kuid=460156&from=erdetaila" target="_blank"><strong><u>Orion</u></strong></a> - Rome, <strong>ITALY</strong>
29th - <a href=" kets&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=1637759%2478156 18&jumpIn=yTix&kuid=460156&from=erdetail" target="_blank"><strong><u>Live Club</u></strong></a> - Milan, <strong>ITALY</strong>

<strong>DECEMBER 2016</strong>

1st - <a href=" ts&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=1637214%247817291 &jumpIn=yTix&kuid=12864&from=erdetaila" target="_blank"><strong><u>Turbinenhalle</u></strong></a> - Oberhausen, <strong>GERMANY</strong>
2nd - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Metropool</u></strong></a> - Hengelo, <strong>NETHERLANDS</strong>
4th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Patronaat</u></strong></a> - Haarlem, <strong>NETHERLANDS</strong>
5th - <a href=" ts&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=1637214%247817324 &jumpIn=yTix&kuid=12864&from=erdetaila" target="_blank"><strong><u>Essigfabrik</u></strong></a> - Cologne, <strong>GERMANY</strong>
7th - <a href=" ts&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=1637214%247814365 &jumpIn=yTix&kuid=12864&from=erdetaila" target="_blank"><strong><u>Garage</u></strong></a> - Saarbrucken, <strong>GERMANY</strong>
8th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Le Forum</u></strong></a> - Vaureal, <strong>FRANCE</strong>
10th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Totem</u></strong></a> - Pamplona, <strong>SPAIN</strong>
11th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Razz 2</u></strong></a> - Barcelona, <strong>SPAIN</strong>
13th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Custom</u></strong></a> - Seville, <strong>SPAIN</strong>
14th - <a href="" target="_blank"><strong><u>Sala Vistalegre</u></strong></a> - Madrid, <strong>SPAIN</strong>

<center><img src="" width="720" height="1012" title="Glenn Hughes & Living Colour - Winter UK/EUROPEAN Tour 2016" alt="Glenn Hughes & Living Colour - Winter UK/EUROPEAN Tour 2016"</img></center>

chris spencer Apr-29-2016 5:43 AM

Funky Set list
Would nt a pure funk/ rock set be awesome... tracks from Trapeze/ Purple - funky Stormbringer tracks and Come Taste The Band Too... Hughes Thrall... rather than the rock set list? Just a thought... HRH tickets bought and possibly Glasgow too!

danielb Apr-29-2016 11:01 AM

Would have been great Chris.

willem Apr-29-2016 12:27 PM

Glenn is a funk and rock guy: he always will play FUNK and ROCK :thumbsup:

Twanky May-05-2016 5:12 PM

Manchester ticket got, great idea for a full on funk set

wolfysmith May-05-2016 11:22 PM

Wolverhampton is a definite and I won tickets for Friday and Saturday at HRH in Wales so will get to see you again Mr Spencer. Martin and Marie will also be there as we are staying onsite together.

Might also do Leamington as seen Glenn there before, a good venue, not too far and its the opening night.

Usually do Manchester and a weekend stopover in Cambridge will appeal to the wife.

I'm also flying out for Glenn's Chicago shows so its going to be a great year gig wise as Blackmore is on the horizon too in a few weeks.

musicman May-06-2016 8:37 AM

Glasgow tix and m&g all done ! just need to see if my bosses will give me time off and I will be road trippin !

David Jul-27-2016 9:44 PM

UK bound soon :) :thumbsup:
You Tube

danielb Jul-30-2016 7:30 AM

Has it been confirmed if Lachy Doley will be doing the GH/Living Colour tour in the fall?

David Jul-30-2016 3:17 PM


Originally Posted by danielb (Post 58094)
Has it been confirmed if Lachy Doley will be doing the GH/Living Colour tour in the fall?

Yes indeed, but not Stateside or elsewhere this year unfortunately :(

He'll also be doing a run of solo Euro shows prior to the kick-off of the GH tour :thumbsup:

You should also checkout his recent post about his time in Copenhagen recording with Glenn last month :cool1:

willem Jul-31-2016 11:25 AM

Lachy does a extended Dutch tour: lot's of shows: Wow :)

willem Aug-05-2016 10:56 AM

Lachy Doley Return to the Netherlands-Tour has a own facebook page. I go to the first show of the tour and maybe more :)

David Aug-13-2016 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by willem (Post 58104)
Lachy Doley Return to the Netherlands-Tour has a own facebook page. I go to the first show of the tour and maybe more :)

<center><blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Holland is getting close now :-) <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Lachy Doley (@LachyDoley) <a href="">August 14, 2016</a></blockquote>
<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script></center>

willem Sep-13-2016 2:10 PM

The album comes out 4th of november. I go to the show a month later in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Hope they will play some songs from Resonate. Lots of fans like to hear the old stuff, I gues. When there is new material out, I always like to hear some new stuff. I gues Glenn won't disappoint us: classic stuff and some hard rocking new songs! Ready to rock :)

wolfysmith Sep-13-2016 11:09 PM

A reliable source told me the set list will change quite a bit due to Lachlan joining on keys ;) :D :thumbsup:

lioness Sep-14-2016 1:06 PM

Can't wait to hear 'Burn' with keys again! :bouncer:

willem Sep-18-2016 4:09 PM

You keep on moving is a song that needs Lord-like hammond with lesley sound: Lachlan Doley can do that

wolfysmith Sep-21-2016 11:07 PM

you Might Just hear another song from 40+ years ago that needs a Hammond ;)

gicut58 Sep-22-2016 2:30 AM


Originally Posted by wolfysmith (Post 58259)
you Might Just hear another song from 40+ years ago that needs a Hammond ;)

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

danielb Oct-03-2016 10:50 AM

Is the plan still for both bands to take turns closing the evening?

David Oct-03-2016 1:40 PM


Originally Posted by danielb (Post 58289)
Is the plan still for both bands to take turns closing the evening?'s a co-headline tour, so no doubt that will be the case; depends on the country they're in ;)

danielb Oct-04-2016 12:39 AM

In the UK?

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