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Weissheim Jun-16-2013 3:52 PM

Motley Bru
On Saturday I played at a musical event at a gala day in a tiny village a few miles from where I live.

The band was put together very quickly - four practice sessions, two without the singer - so a few rough edges, but it was fun!
Shooting Star - YouTube

There's 3 "oldies" in the band and two young 'uns. In this clip I'm on acoustic guitar and my son is on lead guitar.

Weissheim Jun-23-2014 12:23 AM

We did it again at the gala day this year (last Saturday). Again we didn't have much time to practice as the drummer dislocated his shoulder a couple of months ago. One full rehearsal together, but it was fun :)

The Trooper + Don't Stop The Sandman
Motley Brü - The Trooper/Don't Stop The Sandman - YouTube

Detroit Rock City
Motley Brü - Detroit Rock City - Glassford 2014 - YouTube

Are You Ready + Hammer To Fall
Motley Brü - Are You Ready/Hammer To Fall - Glassford 2014 - YouTube

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