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Webmaster May-26-2009 12:17 AM

Post Thanks
New to the Fan Forum today is a new "Thanks" feature for you to say "Thank You" to someone for a post they have added to any of the forums.

To use it, you simply click on the "Thanks" button that you will see displayed on all posts (except your own of course - you can't thank yourself :)), they will than be thanked and you'll see that displayed in their profile from now on. It will also display to everyone that you had thanked them for that particular post.

In the image above, where it says "Thanks" in your profile, it refers to how many "Thank You"'s you have given to people and where it says, "Thanked x Times in x Posts", it refers to how many of your messages have received "Thank You"'s from others. In addition, when using Search, you are now able to find all messages that have received thanks.

I encourage you to use this, especially during those times where you've enjoyed the post but simply don't have time to type out a reply! Of course, you can thank them both ways too; by leaving a reply and clicking "Thanks" :thumbsup:

Enjoy :cool:

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