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Nicolas Lo Gioco Jan-05-2005 7:24 PM

Rock Wailer`s first Video Clip!
Hi buddys, after a long time I`m back with my first video called "Paredes de Hierro" (Iron Walls). It`s avaliable for dowloading at: I wish you like it as we do... Thanks Glenn for your inspiration!

annbur Jan-05-2005 11:56 PM

Rockwailer's Video!!
:bow: Nico!!! That's awesome! The video is cool but your vocals our outstanding!!!!!!!!! WOW! You have your own sound but have a little bit of Chris Cornell and GH in your tone as well! I'd love to get your cd.

Don't know if you saw my post about my band Dream Aria's cd coming out finally. If you have a chance to listen, I'd love to get your feedback. The songs can be heard at on the "Music" page. You might like the last song- "The Eleventh Hour". That's my favorite one!

All the best to you and your band! Happy 2005...:singer: ;)


Tony Takano Jan-06-2005 4:01 AM

Nico and Ann! Both of you guys are great !!:bow:

Now I understand that fans of GH are also good at singng or playing instruments!! GHCP are with good sence of music !:clapper:

As for the tone is concerned, I felt a bit of Axel Rose in Nico's tone. Sorry if you don't like him.

Nicolas Lo Gioco Jan-06-2005 1:12 PM

Thank you Ann! Sorry I was dissconncted for a while cause I`m working a lot. By the way, I must listen to your vocals, I promise I`ll look foward to that... If you had the chance to meet Glenn I`d be really glad if he could listen my band, it would be an honour. Well, thank you once again for your support and good luck for the new year!!! See you girl!

annbur Jan-07-2005 3:32 PM

Rockwailer's Video!!
;) Hi Nico!

I hope you too get to meet Glenn one day. He's as sweet as his voice- Gabi is a doll too! I'm sure he'd be impressed with your voice and music. Maybe he'll find time to have a listen here at the board!

All the best!


annbur Jan-07-2005 3:35 PM

Rockwailer's Video!!
:) Hey Tony!

Thanks for your kind words! It's much appreciated.
I didn't really hear any Axel in Nico's voice. Everyone has different perceptions though- no apologies necessary!



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