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arthur_shapoval Jul-14-2006 1:46 PM

Orsa Spelmän and Glenn Hughes - Phoenix Rising
Overheard a radio program on Sveriges Radio P1 (Swedish Radio) today. The host, Pär Holmgren, played something that sounds like an audience bootleg of a song titled Phoenix Rising, performed by a band called Orsa Spelmän together with Glenn Hughes.

The link to the radio program's website (in Swedish):

Direct link to the the broadcast (fast forward to 01:08:57):

Fedor Jul-15-2006 12:58 AM

Hey that's a great move by Paer. Wasn't that the band that played in the gamla Uppsala Kyrka (the old church in Uppsala) on his wedding in 1995? Didn't know he taped it.


- Fedor

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