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lioness Aug-30-2010 4:49 PM

BCC in German magazines
Bought the latest edition of German magazine ROCKS today, covering 3 pages of BCC. Subtitle "BCC - when the booth explodes". Well, I hope the STAGE is going to explode next year ;)

The October issue of ECLIPSED promises an article as well, will be issued on September 17 - what coincidence, "Black Country" will be released in Germany on the very same date - to my knowledge.

So, slowly BCC gets some local press coverage here - yeah, go for it! :bouncer:

willem Aug-31-2010 1:58 PM

Hi Lioness,
It seems the band is getting a lot of media attention in the Western World. Here in Holland they are getting a four page story, with Glenn interview in HP-de Tijd (a large, mostly political-cultural magazine). Where were all these hip press people during Glenn's solo career?

But it's good that BCC gets what this band deserves NOW :thumbsup:

lioness Apr-10-2012 12:41 PM

Readers poll for 2011 in "eclipsed" magazine:

Album of the year

5. BCC - II

DVD of the year

5. BCC - Live Over Europe

Band/artist of the year

5. Joe Bonamassa

Live event of the year

6. Deep Purple
9. BCC

Flop of the year

3. All German politicians who made devastating headlines recently... :D


lioness Nov-25-2012 4:59 AM

1 Attachment(s)
"Eclipsed" - interview with Glenn at his hotel in Cologne
(so you finally found the breakfast room, Glenn ;) :D )

"Rocks" - BCC

@ Sigurd - "Rock Hard" has an interview with Paul Mann concerning the Concerto and the co-op with JL.

BCC was also on the title of the Polish Metal Hammer Nov 2012 :thumbsup:

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