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wolfysmith Oct-03-2003 1:10 AM

Another Chase Post article - Trapeze
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Following on from the article in my Cannock paper about Glenn, there was another article last week about Trapeze. I got someone to scan it for me so hopefully you will be able to read it ok :confused:

"It's in my blood"

wolfysmith Oct-03-2003 1:31 AM

by the way David. Is there any chance of seeing or better still meeting Glenn in Bar Sport the week before the tour starts?

Also, a pub right in the centre is being refurbished and reopening soon as "The Los Angeles Rock Cafe". There is a 20ft hight Gibson Flying V outside in the car park and it looked as though an Elvis figure was being put on the roof

I dont suppose Glenn is going to do the official opening is he?

"It's in my blood"

Mark Hoffman Oct-03-2003 7:02 AM

Pretty cool article Wolfie..Thanks for sharing. Seems strange that Mel's tragic accident (musically) was overlooked. I guess they wanted to leave the possibility of a reunion open- which I guess it still is, but unlikely? I'm glad they passed over Dave's most current news- does anyone know what ended up happening with that? Was he guilty or convicted?



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