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Nicolas Lo Gioco May-11-2004 8:36 AM

Rock Wailer's new website!!!
Hi my dear friends! I've been absent for quite a long time cause i've been working on my own rock project called "Rock Wailer". As always very influenced by Hughes/Coverdale/Prince/Wonder I re-recorded 3 songs in studio and posted brief but nice clips of these songs on my new website:
I want to hear from you again, you'd been always so kind to me... Hope you enjoy it and best wishes for all of you and MR GLEEN HUGHES!
See ya!

Nick Lo Gioco

annbur May-16-2004 7:43 PM,s,714.../xyxthumbs.gif Hey there Nico:
I love your voice! Great tunes. Right up my alley. Nice site too.
My vocal influences are almost the same as yours! Glenn of course is my biggest influence.

I'm finishing up some tunes so maybe I'll be able to post them too! I'd love to hear feedback from you and other GH fans when the time comes...
Keep up the awesome work and I'll check your site out again in the near future to look for updates.



Nicolas Lo Gioco May-18-2004 3:16 PM

Thanks ann!!!!! It would be great if you share me your personal mail so as to keep in touch, and to keep you well informed about Rockwailer's activities and projects. If you have some recorded material I'd love to hear it!!
Thanks once again, see ya!


Nick Lo Gioco

annbur May-27-2004 9:25 PM,s,714...ies/singer.gif Hi Nico:
You're very welcome!
You can check out my web-sites if you like: , and My e-mail address is I'd love to hear from you.
I'll be posting alot of new music and some video clips hopefully in the next week or so on the site.
Keep in touch!
Ann aka Antoinetta Aria

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