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Pere Sep-26-2007 12:49 PM

'I've Got Your Number' Cover
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some days ago I found this cover of Hughes & Thrall's "I've got your number", the band is the american Magnum, (not the british) with Robert Mason on vocals who later sang on Lynch Mob album where Glenn is also guesting.

:cheers: Cheers.


tony g Sep-26-2007 4:24 PM

thanks for that pere

Tony Takano Sep-28-2007 4:01 PM

It is a bit slower but quite close to the original. Good cover. well done.

Thanks for the posting pere.

chrisloeb Sep-29-2007 4:41 AM

A surprisinigly straight cover version, lacks a bit of the soul that the original has, especially with the new remastering :cool: - let aside all Eighties resentiments... ;)
The singer shouldn't have tried to do the screams though. At least they're apparently a little lower in the mix than the rest of the vocals.

Good for completists. Thanks for posting it!


galleyfan Sep-29-2007 8:00 AM

Thanks for sharing this.
Pretty good version, though nobody does Glenn like Glenn :cool:

captmidnite1962 Sep-30-2007 4:41 PM

The Big 80's!!!
Yes, definitely a product of its time...when the singer cuts in, for a brief second he sounded a bit like Bernie Shaw...but not for long!

But hey,if it gave the song some additional exposure, that is all good....

Thanks for putting that one up!

Grace Oct-01-2007 7:18 AM

A snappy tune........

Originally Posted by galleyfan (Post 28590)
.......................though nobody does Glenn like Glenn :cool:

Ain't it the truth!

Rehtakul Dec-09-2008 6:14 PM

Cool band. They were from NE Pennsylvania, and were always fun to see live. The first EP, Hot Nights, was produced by Dakota, another great band.

Oh, info here:

CrazyW Apr-18-2009 11:18 AM

Hardly as good as the original. Robert Mason wasn't too bad though. Love the album he did with Lynch Mob.

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