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David Sep-01-2016 1:33 AM

1982 Glenn Hughes & Pat Thrall San Antonio, Texas
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Glenn and Pat Thrall during a promotional visit to local San Antonio, Texas radio station, KISS-FM, in October 1982.

Along with Glenn and Pat is Greg Wilson of Stone City Attractions (standing behind the pair in studio) and in the car with Glenn is on air personality, Tom Scheppke.

Photography courtesy Tarr Linda :thumbsup:

captmidnite1962 Sep-02-2016 3:26 PM

How cool!
Tom "T-Bone" Scheppke... now there is a name that brings back a truckload of great memories... I will never forget his "KISS Klassics" show that he did every Sunday if I recall. I never heard Trapeze until I moved to San Antonio... he opened my ears to so many great bands; between him and Joe Anthony, I got quite the musical education!

Tom was on the air until about a year or so ago; most of the DJ's from back in the 80's have been slowly squeezed out with the increasing facelessness of radio. I remember meeting Glenn for the first time back in 2003 and he was still in touch with T-Bone... I have to go to San Antonio in December for my nephew's wedding and it just won't be the same when I put the radio on in the car... These pictures were taken about a year before I moved there.

Jose_resonate Apr-18-2018 11:11 AM

Awesome pictures !!!!

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