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Sigurd Jun-18-2014 9:38 AM

"Thinkin' Of Jon" by Sigurd Kross
:cool: Hi everyone,

some instrumental tune for you now.
I grabbed my keyboard looking for a nice Hammond sound with this glassy overdriven details and a lil CP70 pianoline.
Then i played a Strat on it through fuzzbox and my Vox amp.

I hope you enjoy the mood the track was falling into!
Sigurd Kross thinkin' of Jon - YouTube

Sigurd Kross

lioness Jun-18-2014 1:56 PM


What else can I say but

:thumbsup: :clapper: :bouncer: :lips: :heart: :thanx: :yes:

Jon's birthday was on June 9 and I kept thinking of him all day.

Your musical talent is really a gift! :) :cool:

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