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grecam Dec-06-2011 4:59 AM

Greetings From New Member
Greetings From Melbourne Australia

Hi there fellow Glenn Hughes fans. Its great to see Glenn flourishing so late in his career particularly with Black Country Communion. The voice is better then ever, the playing and material is top notch. Its good to see there are still some bands out there that can produce the goods amongst all the rubbish out there that trys to pass itself off as rock'n'roll. I will upload an article from a 1983 Guitar Heroes Magazine on the Hughes / Thrall Band if it has not been uploaded before.

Cheers Grecam

David Dec-06-2011 5:59 PM

Welcome aboard grecam :thumbsup:

Chip Dec-06-2011 6:06 PM

Welcome to the site grecam :clapper:

Stormbringer74 Dec-07-2011 6:09 AM

welcome on board Grecam :thumbsup:

aussieghost Jan-06-2012 11:20 PM

Hi from another Aussie Glenn hughes fan.


geosoulberlin Jan-07-2012 12:46 PM

Welcome on board, grecam and aussieghost! :)

albertsteptoe Feb-27-2012 5:37 AM

Greetings fella

willem Feb-27-2012 2:10 PM

Welcome home :)

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