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Paul Sep-15-2005 9:50 AM

A Flow Thang!
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This is why :ghcp:

Absolutely breathtaking! Whenever he sings like this it just sends shivers all over :eek:

Amazing :singer: :cool:

Tarquin Sep-15-2005 11:51 AM

Flow Thang
Nice clip! - when / where is it from? I know Big Daddy used to do a similar vocal exercise before YKOM :thumbsup: :claphands


Paul Sep-15-2005 4:27 PM

It's from a show in Holland at De Kade, Zaandam - Sunday, April 26th, 1998.

tony g Sep-15-2005 6:06 PM

thats great paul i really enjoyed it

Ad Sep-16-2005 1:07 AM

I was there!
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I was there!!!

This was the turnaround gig for Glenn Hughes.

I'd seen him before but here Glenn found his feet, cracking jokes, being an entertainer/musician etc...

included some pix I took at the concert (I used them for my own private bootleg)

This flow thang of course was followed by CtC.....

martial Sep-16-2005 1:53 AM

I was there too. Incredible show with a lot of improvisation and Mr Funky Nastos on guitar. I remember that the show was filmed with 2 cameras by some italian guys....

Fedor Sep-16-2005 3:21 AM

Classic gig. I was there too, with mr. Lennart Hedenstrom. For me the improvised jam that followed the broken string incident (including the Ohio Players' Fire) are among the best live memories I have in my mind. So loose, confident & talented... I had the ultimate vibe and catched the essence of Glenn Hughes I think on that very night.


- Fedor

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