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JohnH Jun-20-2003 11:24 PM

God Bless this Purple Year
I just got my Blackmore's Night ticket in the mail today for their July 6th show in Fulda, Germany, one of my favorite countries, have seen Coverdale back in full force with Whitesnake twice, Glenn's goosebumps producing cameo with David Garfield......Great albums are coming out from most of the above mentioned of which I am currently enjoying Glenn's .....HTP is coming soon and Blackmore's Night and DP albums.....What a great Purple Year!!!!!!!


jerklund Jun-21-2003 3:16 AM

You are so right John H!
but the question is - will Purple records get Perks & Tit and Cal Jam out before Bananas? And if they do...when will I have time for those Bananas 'cos HTP II is just around the corner...
And what about EMI's live in London? Burn and Stormbringer re-masters...perhaps next year????

by the way...Coverdale has promised live album and DVD this year...when he will have time to go to studio to re-do all the vocals... no just kidding, some of his performances has been OK....I don't want to be Classic Rock here...


James Gaden Jun-21-2003 4:58 AM

We've got a new JLT release as well, plus both Glenn and Joe on the Mr Big tribute. And a semi-Purple connection....a new Dio DVD on the way. It really is a packed year. Fair's fair's been a long time coming from some areas.

I want DC to get in the studio and record some of these blistering rock tracks he's got stashed away while he has most of his voice back!

Or is that being a tad greedy?


"How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

JohnH Jun-21-2003 12:56 PM


not to forget JLT's album....and coming later Steve Morse's follow up to his classic Major Impacts, Major Impacts 2. The format is to imitate favorite bands but with new music....If you haven't checked out the original from 2000, I'd have to say it's probably Steve's best ever album, next to his 1984 Introduction album.


jerklund Jun-23-2003 10:15 AM

Hejsan Bjorn,
weren't you in Sweden Rock? I think that's IS the best organized rock festival ever - everything, except dragonforce's gig, but there has to be an exception to rule, went very smoothly. some funny pics can be found from

Ha det bra,

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