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Glenn Hughes LIVE in Russia 2012

Glenn and his solo band will play Russia early next month 😎

March 4th – Aurora – Saint Petersburg, Russia
March 6th – NewsPub – Volgograd, Russia
March 7th – Night Club Churchill – Saratov, Russia
March 10th – Palace of Culture & Sport – Stavropol, Russia
March 11th – Concert Hall Chaliapin – Essentuki, Russia
March 12th – North Ossetia State University – Vladikavkaz, Russia
March 14th – Entertainment Complex Ogni Ufy – Ufa, Russia

Glenn guests on new PUSHKING CD

One of Russia’s most popular metal/rock bands, PUSHKING has released over 15 albums. The band’s new CD, “PUSHKING – DUETS”, will contain 19 songs covering Pushking’s entire discography since 1996 and featuring contributions from some of “the greatest vocalists and musicians” from the world rock scene.

Glenn recently completed a session for inclusion on this up and coming project, which also features many other star musicians.

Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner and Ian Gillan are among the guest musicians who will appear on the forthcoming album from Russian rockers PUSHKING, to be released before the end of the year.

The album’s producer, Fabrizio Grossi, stated about the project, “I was intrigued by the level of their musicianship and the very open approach they have to their music. Their music includes all the great ingredients of my favorite ’70s bands, with Queen, Zeppelin and Purple on top of it. The record it’s going to be a concept album and along with the band, there will be lots of great guest stars.”

“Pushking – Duets” will feature appearances by the following musicians, among others:

* GLENN HUGHES on the songs “Why Don’t You?“, “Private Own“, “Tonight” and “Kukarracha

* Eric Ragno

* Jorn Lande on the song “Heroin”

* Joe Bonamassa on the song “Tonight”

* Steve Stevens on the song “Blessing Traveller”

* John Lawton on the song “Blessing Traveller”

* Alice Cooper on the song “Trouble Love”

* Keri Kelli on the song “Trouble Love”

* Jeff Scott Soto on the song “I Believe”

* Eric Martin on the songs “Open Letter to God” (also known as “Christina Talks to God”) and “Kukarracha”

* Steve Lukather on the song “Kukarracha”

* Matt Filippini on the song “Private Own”

* Dan McCafferty on the songs “I Love You” and “My Simple Song”

* Graham Bonnet on the songs “God Made Us Free” and “Kukarracha”

* Joe Lynn Turner on the songs “Head Shooter” and “Kukarracha”

* Udo Dirkschneider on the song “Nature’s Child”

More detail is available on the Pushking’s web site at:

“Sail Away” live in Russia 2008

You can now find in the “PICTURE GALLERY” section, a live version of “SAIL AWAY” as performed by Glenn and his band at LENSOVETA THEATER in ST.PETERSBURG, RUSSIA on MONDAY, OCTOBER 27th, 2008.

“Coast To Coast” & “Holy Man” live in Russia 2008

You can now find over in the “PICTURE GALLERY” section, a live version of “COAST TO COAST” as performed by Glenn and his band at the YOUTH PALACE in EKATERINBURG, RUSSIA on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 2008:

In addition, “HOLY MAN” is also featured, filmed at CH PREMIERA in KRASNODAR, RUSSIA on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 2008:

“Love Communion” live in Russia 2008

Be sure and visit the “Picture Gallery” section on the web site, to view a live version of “Love Communion” as performed by Glenn and his band at the CITY CIRCUS in NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA on MONDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 2008.

Live in Russia 2008

Glenn and his band will be returning to Russia in October to hand out the F U N K treatment in over a dozen cities!

7 Public Culture Center – Blagoveschensk
9 Muzcomedy Theater – Khabarovsk
11 Fesco Hall – Vladivostok
13 City Circus – Novosibirsk
15 CDS Hall – Chelyabinsk
16 Youth Palace – Ekaterinburg
18 Filarmony Hall – Perm
20 City Circus – Kirov
22 Gorky Theater – Rostov
23 CH Mirage – Volograd
25 CH Premiera – Krasnodar
27 Lensoveta Theater – St.Petersburg
28 Estrada Theater – Moscow